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Has anyone taking the sleeping pill “Lunesta” had any side effects?

Chosen Answer: No, but I saw that there was a news article on Google saying that people were sleep “Acting” which I distinguish from Sleep walking, because people would have entire meals, drive their car etc… all without realizeing it. Apparently it’s fairly rare, but it is real. by: Nick on: 8th May 07

Have you ever taken Lunesta?

I have just been prescriped lunesta for insomnia. Lately I have been taking 2 benedryil and a .5 xanax and cant sleep. Should this have an effect one me? Chosen Answer: I took Ambien for a while and had espisodes of sleep walking with it. But I’ve taken Lunesta for several months now and don’t [...]

what will happen if i had two 3mg of Lunesta and a shot of alcohol?

i had a shot of barcadi gold, but i have sleeping problems and took 2 pills of lunesta 3 mg each. what will happen? im kinda out of it. hard walking Chosen Answer: All medications have side effects. Lunesta has side effects that you may experience during treatment. The side effects of Lunesta include: 1. [...]

Can taking Lunesta help keep you from sleep walking or have night terrors?

Can taking Lunesta help keep you from sleep walking or have night terrors? Or both? PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION ASAP!! IT IS NIGHT TIME AND I CANNOT TALK TO A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!! Chosen Answer: I switched from Ambien to Lunesta because of sleep walking and sleep eating which is common with Ambien especially if you are [...]