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Can someone please help disgusting taste in mouth! ( Lunesta)?

I took Lunesta 2mg to help me sleep 20 minutes ago and now i have a disgusting bitter taste in the back of my throat. From what i read online this is a common side effect. Is there anything i can do to get rid of it? Theres no way i’ll be able to sleep [...]

What can I do about my brother’s insomnia?

My brother has insomnia and he wakes up multiple times a night and I want to help him, what should he do? Chosen Answer: The best thing to do would be go see a doctor and get some meds for it, if this for some reason is not a good option, you can try other, [...]

Help needed to resolve my insomnia issues?

Does anyone have any tips to help me with insomnia. Sleep deprivation is not a fun thing to live with. I don’t like taking pills and would love some natural / alternative solutions to this problem. Thanks in advance. Chosen Answer: I have a couple of suggestions. 1. set a bedtime—>you don’t have to force [...]


im not sure if i have some kind of insomnia. i cant maintain sleeping patterns. i have a lot of trouble falling asleep, but i also have a difficult time waking up. even if i sleep for 10 or 12 hours i have trouble waking up. so my question is a: do i have some [...]

What is the best remedy for a chronic insomnia?

I’ve been sleepless for 3 consecutive days. I tried melatonin from GNC but it just made me dizzy but not sleepy at all. I’ve been feeling backpain and dizziness due to sleeplessness. What are some practical solutions to my insomnia? I’ve been an insomniac since I was a teen. Pls. advise. Chosen Answer: I’ve had [...]