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What will happen over time if i keep taking a lot of Pain Relief PMs?

Most nights I take about 7 sometimes 8 of these Pain Relief PMs. Will anything change negatively to my body? I take them because I can’t sleep and when I don’t I just think about things and I don’t want to think about them so I take these and it knocks me out basically. I [...]

Which drugs do prescription drug addicts use?

I’m writing a book and I need to know types of medical drugs addicts use to “relief” themselves. I swear this is not for me but in my book there’s a character who made a car crash and his wife died so he tries medical drugs. Chosen Answer: This is what most recreational drug users [...]

Where can i get non prescriptive Anxiety medicine that works?

I’m in high school and I have tried telling my mom that I have anxiety but she’s the denial and suck it up type…….I put pressure on my chest to make myself feel better but i’m starting to bruise my chest. I need some kind of relief. It would be a great help if you [...]


If you have insomnia what do you do to help you sleep? Chosen Answer: Getting sleep in the correct quantities is a vital part of staying healthy. You don’t have to rely on a chemical insomnia sleep aid to do it either. Consider using the Sleep So Good cream to get some all natural relief. [...]