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How do you get prescribed Lunesta or Ambien?

I know that they are sleeping pills but what would i tell the doctor for him to prescribe them for me? Chosen Answer: they might do a sleep test to see how you really sleep at night. or you might just be able to tell your doctor your problems and let him see if you [...]

Geodon and Lunesta question?

Can you take Geodon and Lunesta together? The exact amounts are Geodon 40 mgs and Lunesta 3 mgs.. ETA: Dear “Dr.” I reccomend you stop spamming people’s questions.. Seriously!! Chosen Answer: http://www.drugs.com/geodon.html http://www.drugs.com/lunesta.html did the same dr prescribe both these medications? you could call your pharmacist and ask them this they have all the latest [...]

I really need prescription sleeping pills for really bad insomnia but i dont have insurance?

how do i get it if i dont have insurance and not alot of money? Do I just go to any doctor office and I pay full price? Chosen Answer: A doctor needs to prescribe it and a pharmacy provides it. Lunesta has a discount program for off each script but it’d still be about [...]

How much Diphenhydamine HCI can harm you?

I take a lot of Diphenhydramine HCI, (Bynadryl) to sleep at night. I take about 6 pills, which equals about 150mg. I feel like it’s not getting the job done. If I take more will there be bad health effects? Chosen Answer: Yes, much over that and you risk having hallucinations and other undesirable effects. [...]

How do cure Insomnia?

I’ve had insomnia for the past 4 years and I’m falling apart. My doctors won’t prescribe me any medication, so does anyone have any sleep remedies? Chosen Answer: only you can cure yourself..my friend before also was experiencing the same.she almost lost her lucid interval.coz whenever 1 cannot sleep,what follows is the insecurity,fear,depression…everything bad enters [...]

can a 14 year old get prescribed drugs for insomnia?

insomnia and manic depressive fits. however my parents are… less caring than the normal parents so will the doctor be able to prescribe anything at all, or without my parents being there. ( i could get a guy of the streets to come in with me if i need to ) how strong will the [...]

If I went to my doctor and said I had insomnia, would he give me a prescription for nembutal?

Man, I have been looking everywhere and am finding it near impossible to get this drug. If I went to a doctor and said I had insomnia, do you think he would give me a prescription for it? I am in desperate need of this drug. Chosen Answer: Being as it is a short acting [...]

Can my 13 year old be prescribed sleeping pills?

My son isn’t a good sleeper and usually cant sleep is there any medication that can help that wont harm him that a doctor would subscribe? Chosen Answer: A doctor is unlikely to prescribe medications like Lunesta or Ambien since they are very habit forming and if used for more than 5-7 days his sleep [...]

Will my doctor prescribe me Lunesta?

I’m a 19 year old male and I’m wondering if doctors will prescribe a sleeping aid like Lunesta to someone as young as me? I’ve had serious issues sleeping for about 5 years, and I’ve literally tried EVERY remedy for sleeping you can imagine—– Melatonin, unisom, sominex, teas, relaxation tapes, reading before bed, going to [...]

What would the doctor prescribe for not falling asleep?

I have a hard time falling asleep, i set a time at night and when i lay down in bed i usually just stay up telling myself to fall asleep(i’m tried counting sleep/breathing techniques and nothing) for hours until i just get back up and wait until to daylight.Is there a product that would instantly [...]

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