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Does anyone know some good sites about Insomnia?

I bookmarked http://insomnia-relief-center.com because it has great tips and articles. Any others? Chosen Answer: Please see the web pages for more details on Insomnia. by: gangadharan nair on: 20th February 08

Anyone out there have insomnia? What do you do?

What do you do while you are awake at night, besides Yahoo Answers? I have bad insomnia and don’t go to bed generally until 6 or 8 in the morning, every morning. Sometimes I crash cuz I’m so exhausted and sleep all day long (like today). But I cannot sleep at night. Too much to [...]

is it insomnia or just a sleeping disorder?

ok so i have a horrible time getting to sleep at night. i’ll go to bed at like 12 and not actually fall asleep till 4am or 5am. i have a terrible cough at night, and only at night. i wake up kinda early for when i go to sleep. i wake up around 9am [...]

Any tips for stopping Ambien?

I’ve tried lunesta and it was not a good experience at all. I’ve been taking Rx Ambien for years now. Really want to just get off it but I can’t sleep at all without it. Did you do it? How long did it take you? What did you do? (taper, cold turkey, ect) Weird side [...]

What are some ways nocturnal or insomnia people find ways to sleep?

Chosen Answer: Prescribed benzodiazepines or non-benzodiazepines can cause you to feel drowsy and aid you in sleep. I would go to a doctor and find out what he/she recommends. If you’d rather not take a prescription drug, antihistamines such as Benadryl can also make you drowsy. However, sometimes they have the opposite effect. For example, [...]

what vitamines or prescriptions to take when you have a sleep disorder?

because of my schedule of work,i do sleep very late at night and asrise early as 3:30.what to take to gain your energy and strenght ? Chosen Answer: Talk to your doctor about this problem. I have a problem with falling asleep. Talked to the doctor and they gave me a prescription for some sleep [...]

Do I need my insurance to pre-authorize for generic versions of Lunesta or Ambien?

I know the Brand named once you do. Chosen Answer: The others are right, and there is no generic form for the newest form of Ambien–Ambien CR, which is a layered form that lets you fall asleep and stay asleep. Insurance will pay for 5 and 10 mg generic Ambien only. by: KIZIAH on: 28th [...]

What are some natural things to help insomnia?

I have mild insomnia, some weeks I sleep well, and others I can’t get to sleep or stay asleep the whole week. By the way, insomnia is a hereditary condition that technically means “to have trouble sleeping”. I try to get up at the same time, not have caffeine after 3 and I can’t figure [...]

why do some depression sufferers experience insomnia while others experience hypersomnia?

What are some of the psychological reasons why one person suffering depression might sleep constantly and another experience acute insomnia? Chosen Answer: I cant say for sure, but the first thought that came to mind is that everyones body chemistry is different and that may be why. Personally, I went thru years of insomnia until [...]