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Is there anything stronger than ambien cr?

I’ve been on Ambien cr for a couple of years and it doesn’t put me to sleep. Sometimes I take two and it still doesn’t work. I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Are there stronger meds out there? I see a psychiatrist for meds. I’ll definately tell him. It seems mostly likely I [...]

how long does it take for Lunesta to Kick in?

Chosen Answer: Well depends on strength. If taken right before bedtime, you should feel the effects or not feel the effects depending on how you interpret it, about 10-30min of taking it. Results vary. But mostly around then. Sidenote: Alot of people are switching to Lunesta from ambien b/c of the number of cases that [...]

How do you know if you have insomnia?

I’m not getting enough sleep at night. Not sure why. I have to get up for work at 6:15, and I go to bed at 2:00 almost every night. Mostly b/c I work until 6 and by the time i get home, do errands, do house chores, its already midnight. I don’t know what to [...]

What could i do so i could possibly fall asleep because of my insomnia ?

I have insomnia and i really can’t fall asleep at all i’ve tried since 11pm until now. I’ve tossed and turned many times and i don’t know the real reason why i can’t fall asleep. I think it could be because of my insomnia but I’m not sure. It’s like 2:15 am in the morning [...]

Is it healthy to take lots of naps on the weekend if you have insomnia during the week?

I have insomnia most work nights, only getting 5-6 hours. I catch up on my sleep on the weekends. Is this healthy? Chosen Answer: Mostly yes. I am an athletic medicine student trainer at my school so I have been over this type of issue before. Just think of yourself carrying a backpack- every hour [...]

How can you get rid of insomnia?

Almost every night i get tired and the second i lay down i can’t fall asleep for like three hours. This mostly happens on school nights. (worst possible time) My parents told me i have been like that since I was just a baby. I have like the worst insomnia in the world, someone please [...]