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Insomnia Guide ~ mild

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Lunesta and Tylenol PMs?

Anyone know if its safe? got wicked headache but took a lunesta that doesnt seem to be putting me to sleep anyhow Chosen Answer: I believe they can be safely taken together, as the drowsy ingredient in Tylenol PM is very mild, in fact I THINK it may be diphenhydramine, which is generic Benadryl. Lunesta [...]

Are there different types of insomnia?

If so, what are they? (For example, if a person takes more than an hour every night to fall asleep, and they generally can’t fall asleep before midnight or later, is that a mild form of insomnia? Or what if a person generally wakes up two or three times during the night?) And in case [...]

Sleep problems – not sleeping thru the night?

I take Lunesta. Have been off and on for about a year and a half. Lately I am not sleeping thru the night. I am waking up around 2-3am and pretty much awake until I have to get up at 6. I am exhausted. I have has some stress lately in my life. Just wondering [...]

Why is lunesta not working? I need help! Really bad!?

Ok so I have been battling mild depression severe anxiety and severe panic attacks and chronic insomnia. My phycyatrist gave me lunesta for sleep. Now I did everything I was supposed to make sure u dont take it on a full stomachs or a stomache full of fatty foods. I waited 3 and a half [...]

Would you rather be narcoleptic, or have a serious case of insomnia?

Would you rather be narcoleptic (sleeping on and off for about 2/3rd’s of the day), or have a serious case of insomnia where you only sleep about 2 hours of the day. Chosen Answer: Insomnia… I think I have a mild case of it but I never went to the doctor. it’s not that bad, [...]

What are good prescription sleep aides?

I have taken tylenol PM and they loose effectiveness, now I am on Trazadone, helps me with sleep and anxiety but it is making me terribly sick to my stomach. Anyone know personally of good sleep aides. Chosen Answer: You could try a mild sedative such as Temazepam (Restoril (In Canada)) which is a Benzodiazepine. [...]

What is the best treatment or cure for Restless Leg Syndrome?

Occurs only in the evening and when legs are in a prone position or at bedtime. Very frustrating trying to fall asleep. Sensation of tingling or mild contractions or jerking motions in both legs. Chosen Answer: I’ve had this for a long time- my favorite is clonezapam and lunesta. I’ve tried exercising at night, which [...]

Is insomnia a cause or an effect of depression?

I have read that insomnia causes depression and that depression causes insomnia and I would like to know which way it works or how you can tell which is the cause and effect if both are true. Chosen Answer: Both can be true. Depression causes disturbances in sleep patterns and can lead to insomnia(mild-severe). And [...]

I am being bothered by insomnia while under high levels of stress. What is advised?

I do not want an addictive sleep aide. Anything that helps insomnia for a few days? It is increasing. I don’t need a doctor. I have one. Chosen Answer: I have always been a fan of non-medicinal assistance first. Mild exercise …. or up to the level that you can stand is a way of [...]

What are some natural things to help insomnia?

I have mild insomnia, some weeks I sleep well, and others I can’t get to sleep or stay asleep the whole week. By the way, insomnia is a hereditary condition that technically means “to have trouble sleeping”. I try to get up at the same time, not have caffeine after 3 and I can’t figure [...]

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