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How is the brain involved in sleep insomnia?

I’m doing a school project on sleep insomnia and i need info on how the brain is involved with it, like what part of the brain is involved, why the brain causes you to not be able to sleep, that kind of stuff. if you can find this it would be really helpful. well thanks [...]

What is the psychology of sleep (insomnia) ?

How does insomnia of sleep affect people? Who is affected by insomnia? What psychologist identified the problem as a behavioral issue? When was the issue identified? What research was involved with the behavioral issue? What are some way this behavior shows itself? What are some ways that this behavior is being treated? Chosen Answer: It [...]

any suggestions on how i should make a 3-d model of a drug called ESZOPICLONE currently known as lunesta, thax

i need to make a model of this drug but it’s chemical bonding formation is huge, and there are tons of elements involved. Please help with any suggestions you can come up with, i’ll greatly appreciate them. Thanxx Chosen Answer: I’m assuming you mean a physical model… if not the following will absolutely make no [...]

Is insomnia a cause or an effect of depression?

I have read that insomnia causes depression and that depression causes insomnia and I would like to know which way it works or how you can tell which is the cause and effect if both are true. Chosen Answer: Both can be true. Depression causes disturbances in sleep patterns and can lead to insomnia(mild-severe). And [...]

is 69mg of lunesta enough to be lethal?

I’m currently involved in a spirited debate with my friend about pharmacology and risk. He was recently prescribed lunesta in 3mg tablets of which he has 23 left and we’re arguing if it’s a dangerous amount if in the hands of infants or other such impaired people who might take all of them. Chosen Answer: [...]

What are some natural things to help insomnia?

I have mild insomnia, some weeks I sleep well, and others I can’t get to sleep or stay asleep the whole week. By the way, insomnia is a hereditary condition that technically means “to have trouble sleeping”. I try to get up at the same time, not have caffeine after 3 and I can’t figure [...]