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I quit taking lithium, have run out of lunesta, having anxiety. Help.?

I am diagnosed bipolar disorder for 2 years now. I used to take lamictal then switched to lithium. My insurance changed and I can’t afford my sleeping pill until next week. (I have completely run out) I stopped taking my lithium last week. Maybe a bad idea, I don’t know. I can’t sleep and I [...]

Which of the following sleeping drugs costs the most and which costs the least?

Eszopiclone, Ramelteon, Triazolam, Zaleplon, Zolpidem? Chosen Answer: Depends on your insurance. If you mean full price: Eszopiclone (Lunesta) – One month supply (1, 2, or 3 mg tablets) = 1 Ramelteon (Rozerem – One month supply 8 mg tablets = Not sure about Triazolam Zaleplon – 5 mg = About .72/capsule; 10 mg = About [...]

I really need prescription sleeping pills for really bad insomnia but i dont have insurance?

how do i get it if i dont have insurance and not alot of money? Do I just go to any doctor office and I pay full price? Chosen Answer: A doctor needs to prescribe it and a pharmacy provides it. Lunesta has a discount program for off each script but it’d still be about [...]

what can i take [legeagly] to help me sleep??

I have taken ambien,lunesta,and numerous otc sleeping pills,and at the moment have no insurance so i have no DR. help…..i can stay awake 20-22 hrs. then only sleep 3 maybe 4 its reallt screwing up my life,and I am seriously needing help,I cannot even get and keep a decent job… Chosen Answer: I have the [...]

How can I fix my insomnia?

I have been… downing OTC sleeping pills trying to sleep anyway not reading/watching tv before bed making sure no lights are on giving up caffeine And my insomnia still persists. I do not have the insurance to go to the doctors and I feel like I am dying. I feel sooo exhausted yet no matter [...]

Would stopping taking medicines for 4 or 5days cause insomnia?

I am prescribed Flomax, Avodart and Lisinopril(sp), but I lost my job in June and finally got on my wives insurance plan. I ran out of meds and money this week and just now got a refill. Would stopping all three of these meds for 3 days cause insomnia? Thanks, J Chosen Answer: They shouldn’t, [...]

How do I find a hynotherapist for irritable-bowel syndrome? Also, how do I find a hypnotic sleep tape?

I have had no luck with traditional therapies and need to find a hypnotherapist who takes insurance! Also, I’m from a small town in Iowa and can’t find a sleep tape to aid in falling asleep. Help! Thanks. Chosen Answer: Try Lunesta or (over the counter)…melatonin…it works wonders. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me through the [...]

Are ther any plans to sell Lunesta over the counter?

I think it would be great if you could get it OTC. Thanks Chosen Answer: I doubt it. They would have to prove that it is safe to sell OTC, and since it is a sleeping pill with many side effects I think that is unlikely to happen. This has nothing to do with the [...]

Is Lunesta covered by health insurance?

My prescriptions are currently covered under CVS caremark insurance. I have gotten many different prescriptions, including ones for generic adderall and generic ambien, and never had a problem. However, I know that Lunesta does not come in a generic form. Will I be able to afford it? Chosen Answer: Coverage of any drug is dependent [...]

Is Ambien CR 12 mg do exactly the same thing as Lunesta 3 mg?

They both let you sleep 8 hours. My insurance covers one and not the other. Has anybody tried them both? Which did you like better? Do they both make you feel rested until the end of the work day? Chosen Answer: have to see which one works for you, just because it works for me, [...]

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