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Insomnia effects?

I have read up on the overview of insomnia but I can’t really find the effects of it besides loss of sleep and irritability. Are there any other health symptoms is causes. Lately I have been averaging about 1 1/2- 2 hours of sleep a night and have been having pretty horrible stomach pains and [...]

What medication helps insomnia?

I have to take a narcotic med which stops the effectiveness of everything I have tried. I don’t want to take mind altering, personality messed up crap. The doctors have made it so traumatic for me that alone is enough to give you insomnia. They have the paperwork that I have certain health problems why [...]

Can paranoia, insomnia and depression be rolled up into one? ?

I have had all three for over 3 years. The insomnia first, then the depression and then the paranoia. If its one mental health disorder what is it? Chosen Answer: The insomnia and lack of sleep could be causing the depression and paranoia. Find what helps you sleep… such as a jog, or read a [...]

What are the weaknesses of the Bio-Medical Model of Health?

Strengths and weaknesses of the Bio-Medical model of health, i have limited suggestions and need more. Thank-you.. Chosen Answer: Firstly the “biomedical model of health” (no hyphen) is sort of open to interpretation and not always defined the same way. And generally speaking a biopsychosocial model is almost universally used. But when I think of [...]

How much Diphenhydamine HCI can harm you?

I take a lot of Diphenhydramine HCI, (Bynadryl) to sleep at night. I take about 6 pills, which equals about 150mg. I feel like it’s not getting the job done. If I take more will there be bad health effects? Chosen Answer: Yes, much over that and you risk having hallucinations and other undesirable effects. [...]

How long can you go without sleep without it harming you?

I haven’t slept in two nights, starting to feel really exhuasted. I just can’t sleep Chosen Answer: Insomnia can affect not only your level of energy and mood, but also your health also because sleep helps support your immune system. Fatigue leads to less mental alertness and concentration. Lack of sleep caused by insomnia is [...]

How can I cure my insomnia?

My insomnia has been SO terrible lately! I know the easy answer to this is to go to sleep but it’s so hard for me to not stay awake. It is complicating every single day. How do I fix this without medication? That’s part of my problem though… I eat well, I exercise during the [...]

How can I not worry about insomnia?

The next few days, I have to wake up much earlier than normal. In the past, I’ve had issues with insomnia and now I’m worrying that I won’t be able to sleep the next few nights. Is there any way I can use positive reinforcement to tell myself that if I don’t sleep, it will [...]

Is there a way to trest insomnia with out on OTC medicine?

I have really bad insomnia and I was wondering how I could treat it with out OTC medicine. Chosen Answer: Hi! I suggest Melatonin. It really works, and is not over the counter. You can purchase it at health and vitamin stores for under . ( I live in BC, Canada and pay.99 before taxes.) [...]

Why has Lunesta doubled in price in the last two weeks?

Chosen Answer: 4 ur health by: heaven d on: 1st December 08

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