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Insomnia Guide ~ february

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Does anyone know some good sites about Insomnia?

I bookmarked http://insomnia-relief-center.com because it has great tips and articles. Any others? Chosen Answer: Please see the web pages for more details on Insomnia. by: gangadharan nair on: 20th February 08

is it ok to take a lunesta if you took a vicodin 6 hours ago?

Chosen Answer: Yes. I would certainly think so. Enough hours have gone by for it to be safely taken. by: Mesmerized on: 17th February 08

has anyone successfully tapered of Lunesta and able to sleep without taking sleeping tablets?

i have been taking it for months and cannot sleep at all when i try a night without it…any tips would be appreciated… Chosen Answer: no after the first month you have to double the dose and after the second month you will have to triple it or you will never sleep again (it creates [...]

How can I know the best sleeping pills?

I can’t sleep at night. I’m finding sleeping pill to help me out. Please give me your advices! Chosen Answer: Every sleeping pill works different for different people. A lot of people respond well to Thorazine. You may also like Ambien or Lunesta. Personally, Lunesta is the only one I responded to. You just need [...]

Anyone with knowlege of Lunesta. (the sleeping pill)..?

I took my Lunesta pill like 20 mins ago b/c I was ready to go to sleep. But I got a second wind. so I’m up again for awhile. But when I go to sleep in another 2 hours is it necessary or not, to take another one? Thx. Chosen Answer: it will still be [...]

Is there such a thing as permanent insomnia?

In ‘Die Another Day’ (James Bond movie), the main villain has permanent insomnia. Is this a real illness/disease? Thanks. Chosen Answer: Yes. I recently saw a show about a family in Italy that has this disease. Its called FFI, and eventually it is fatal. It seems to be genetic. by: Stephen G on: 27th February [...]

What is the exact cause of insomnia?

If light is undeniably what makes day, what is the thing that makes insomnia? What is the thing that is undeniably irrefutably the cause of insomnia? I don’t want to hear “could be”s like “it could be this” or “it could be that”. Do you still suffer from insomnia? Chosen Answer: Insomnia is often caused [...]

How to do an informative speech on Insomnia?

I need an outline of an informative speech on Insomnia.. i’m stumped… this is for my speech class Chosen Answer: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=insomnia&fr=ush-ans&ygmasrchbtn=Web+Search by: rob d on: 28th February 12

is taking 9 mg of lunesta and 2 shots or liquor bad to mix?

i just did it Chosen Answer: Im guessing you’ll sleep very well tonight…but i wouldn’t make a habit of taking sedatives with Alcohol . by: Nathalie K on: 2nd February 08

How to tell if you have insomnia?

It’s difficult for me to fall asleep at night. I’ll go to bed at 10:00/11:00 and never actually be able to fall asleep until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and sometimes I only sleep an hour or two, then I’m up for the day. There’ll be nights when I can’t fall asleep at all [...]

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