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Taking 2 10 mg of Ambien for horrid insomnia; possible addiction?

I was put on ambien as a quick fix after years of horrid insomnia and now, after four days, I’ve been having problems sleeping again. So, I opted to up my own dosage and take two (20 mg altogether–10 mg each) and I’m worried I will be addicted before I can see a psychiatrist for [...]

what will happen if i had two 3mg of Lunesta and a shot of alcohol?

i had a shot of barcadi gold, but i have sleeping problems and took 2 pills of lunesta 3 mg each. what will happen? im kinda out of it. hard walking Chosen Answer: All medications have side effects. Lunesta has side effects that you may experience during treatment. The side effects of Lunesta include: 1. [...]