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How do you get rid of sleeping disorder?

I’m experiencing insomnia for 3 nights already. For the past two nights, id been thinking of my past expereince and then on my third night, Im having continuous thoughts of random things even if there’s nothing to think about. There’s like conversation in your mind that you can not control. Chosen Answer: Insomnia is generally [...]

Insomnia pills that i can get without a perscription?

Insomnia’s getting out of control, without perscription, what are some things (non liquid form/pills) that i could get (walgreens, CVS, etc) Chosen Answer: try meletonin. it is safe and natural. it is not a drug with a bunch of side effects, and it should help you sleep. by: on: 14th July 12

Is insomnia a side effect of being constipated?

I’m taking stool softeners and GasX and for 2 days I haven’t really been able to sleep. I’m exhausted. I’m also on the Pill. is there any way that they could cause insomnia? Chosen Answer: Constipation does not cause insomnia. If you are having bowel problem use a laxative or suppository and then take a [...]

have there ever been any reports of oding on 8-12mg of lunesta?

i am just wondering how much lunesta it would take to have hallucinations or if they get stronger at higher doses and if anyone has ever od from 12mg of lunesta Chosen Answer: call the 24 hour pharmacy at Walgreen’s and ask a pharmacist . call poison control and they have a info on all [...]

Would you rather be narcoleptic, or have a serious case of insomnia?

Would you rather be narcoleptic (sleeping on and off for about 2/3rd’s of the day), or have a serious case of insomnia where you only sleep about 2 hours of the day. Chosen Answer: Insomnia… I think I have a mild case of it but I never went to the doctor. it’s not that bad, [...]

Have you ever gotten insomnia over a man or woman that you liked?

So I’ve been thinking about this guy all day long and now I have insomnia… It’s 5:30 a.m. and I haven’t gotten a single hour of sleep. Chosen Answer: A very common problem – it must be universal! – Join the club! Being in love seems like a form of madness for you lose control [...]

Insomnia is really starting to take a toll on me?

Every night has become a struggle. I can only sleep for about 3 hours.Every night, I always wake up around 1 am. Then I can’t fall back asleep until around 8 am, which I’ll sleep in till about 1 pm or 3 pm,so I try to avoid going back to sleep. I’m starting college soon, [...]

Is there any relation betweet insomnia and being Skinny?

I’m 22 and i used to have a normal weight. I’ve been suffering of insomnia for 5 years i eat a lot but i can’t gain my weight at all people say i’am very thin because i have sleep disorders. Chosen Answer: its the opposite, when you dont sleep you gain weight but if you [...]

How bad can insomnia get if you don’t take control of it?

My friend, who is 16, he is a really hyper talkative guy and outgoing and I never knew til yesterday that he takes pills for insomnia. (LMAO. No wonder) And so I was wondering can insomnia go away or does it stay with you forever if you don’t take control of it? Chosen Answer: It [...]

What happens if someone mixed Xanax, Lunesta, Flu Medicine & Naproxen ?

Can someone take Xanax ( Alprazolam ) , Lunesta, Flu Medicine & Naproxen ? Chosen Answer: You die. Or get sick and die. No just kidding call poison control and ask about it. by: on: 2nd May 11

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