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what dosage of melatonin do you take for your insomnia?

I’ve been having insomnia for a few years but recently its gotten worse. I’ve decided to try taking some melatonin pills and I’m 14 right now. I was just wondering whether any of you have tried taken them and what dosage you usually take. thanks!! Chosen Answer: I would start with one 3 MG, they [...]

How wrong is it to take two doses of medication?

if I take a small 5 mg dose of ambien and it doesn’t do anything, is it really that harmful to take another one so I actually fall asleep? Chosen Answer: no but it could really affect your dreams. be careful. take just one tylenol pm with it. should help kick it in. ambien never [...]

What do you recommend to help me sleep and stay asleep through the night?

Lately I’ve been so tired at the end of the day, but when I finally do get in bed my body just refuses to shut down. My mind just starts overworking itself with what I did for the day and what I need to do tomorrow and the day after and so on and so [...]

Since taking lunesta I have experienced profused sweating during activities in warm weather.?

Chosen Answer: It should be in the information given by the pharmacy that people taking “Lunesta” should avoid direct sunlight and be careful in hot weather to avoid overheating. by: tommy d on: 20th July 06

Is there any relation betweet insomnia and being Skinny?

I’m 22 and i used to have a normal weight. I’ve been suffering of insomnia for 5 years i eat a lot but i can’t gain my weight at all people say i’am very thin because i have sleep disorders. Chosen Answer: its the opposite, when you dont sleep you gain weight but if you [...]

Is lunesta 3 mg a better alternative when quitting klonopin 1 mg?

I have been on klonopin for 4 years! i would love to quit , but my doctor wants me to take lunesta, klonopin helps me sleep, is this a better alternative? Chosen Answer: Be careful! I take klonopin as well, and if you stop taking it abruptly without tapering down, you can have a seizure. [...]