What are some natural things to help insomnia?

I have mild insomnia, some weeks I sleep well, and others I can’t get to sleep or stay asleep the whole week. By the way, insomnia is a hereditary condition that technically means “to have trouble sleeping”. I try to get up at the same time, not have caffeine after 3 and I can’t figure out what helps me sleep some weeks and what doesn’t other weeks. What are some good natural (non-sleeping pill) involved things that are known to help insomnia?

Chosen Answer:

Don’t eat dinner or any carbs after 9 p.m. it’s best to have dinner at 6-7…

Drink half a glass of warm milk before bed

Make sure your room is dim and cool, not too cold or hot

Turn you clock away from your face and don’t look at the time

This one works well Count Sheep…the idea is to bore yourself so you get tired and fall asleep

Take a nice long bath in Luke Warm water before sleep

Don’t shift around too much and get into a comfortable position.

If you can’t sleep don’t just stay in bed, get up and read a book or watch TV so you get sleepy and tired

No caffeine whatsoever

Get up at the same time like you are doing now

In the morning open all the windows and make sure you spend the day in a bright habitat and at night keep your room dark

You might need a new mattress or your pillow might need to be elavated


And if these tips don’t work, and your insomnia gets worse you might need to see a doctor and then you might have to take sleeping pills
by: Kool Aider 8 ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶
on: 14th March 10