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Insomnia Guide ~ Learn All About Sleeping Disorders & The Popular Drug Lunesta

Is there another way to beat insomnia other than sleeping pills?

For the past while, I’ve been having really bad insomnia. I have work at 9:00AM and I go to bed at 8:30PM because I know that I probably wont get much sleep, I fall asleep at 8 and usually wake up by 1-2AM and cant fall back asleep. Sleeping pills can be addictive, so I was wondering, is there any other way to beat insomnia other than using sleeping pills?

Chosen Answer:

Melatonin pills. my friend suffers from insomnia and thats what she takes they seem to work really well for her.
by: Lostmyself
on: 8th April 09

I havent slept for a while. Do I have insomnia?

So the most I have slept for the past 2 weeks is about half an hour. Not a night but all together. I think I have amsomnia. I have A.D.D and I think that’s what keeps me up at night. But do I have insomnia?

Chosen Answer:

sounds like insomnia, but you should talk to a doctor and only he can diagnose you
by: Luke
on: 21st December 12

Insomnia…does anyone have it and what do you do to get sleep at night?

I already take trazadone and Lunesta…hahaha…it’s like asprin…..any suggestions?

Chosen Answer:

I have it as well… so I drink… not every night but it helps me! just make sure it doesn’t mess with your meds!
by: TrinityisNeo
on: 19th April 06

What neurochemical processes underlie the transient euphoria felt upon ingesting zopiclone?

Trade names are, Imovane in Canada, and Lunesta in the US.
Thanx, simonizer. The euphoria is enhanced by alcohol ingestion. I may have to look up why…
Oh, ok, it works on the same complex. Interesting.
Thanx, AzR: I wouldn’t think that the decrease *would* result in euphoria. Weird, really.

Chosen Answer:

Same as with the benzodiazepines. It’s mediated by a subtype of the GABA-A receptor, the same one that’s responsible for the sedative effect. I believe (drawing from memory) that it’s the subtype bearing GABA-A alpha1/gammaX, but I could be wrong about that. No caffeine yet.

Basically, the brain interperets the decrease in activity somewhat pleasurably. Exactly how this actions = euphoria is not to my knowledge understood.
by: Az R
on: 3rd November 08

Do I have insomnia and depression?

I’m an 19 year old girl and for a while now I have been waking up throughout the night around 5 times and sometimes I find it hard to get back to sleep. I usually can’t get to sleep until around 3 or 4 in the morning either. Half of the time I wake up feeling nervous as well, sometimes for no reason. It makes me quite tired throughout the day, sometimes I can’t concentrate, most of the time I feel depressed, unhappy, and sometimes I get irritated, stressed and angry easily. I was given a sleeping pill and even that didn’t work. Sometimes my back aches as well and sometimes I wake up feeling sick. I exercise everyday, I drink water everyday, I eat healthy and such. I also have a lack of appetite as well. Am I suffering from insomnia and depression?

Chosen Answer:

Go to doctor this is signs of insomnia. You could also be depressed.
by: kytteneyes
on: 10th June 10

I can’t sleep help! do you think its insomnia?

I used to be able to sleep very well but the last week or so I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. I should be exhaugsted I’ve b een up since 7 and had a busy day of work and school. Is this insomnia.. Help please!

Chosen Answer:

That’s kind of the definition of insomnia…
by: Idleworshipper
on: 9th March 09

I have insomnia but am too scared to take a sleeping pill?

II have insomnia, but I am TERRIFIED of taking sleeping pills. I don’t know why… maybe I’m scared to die in my sleep. No clue WHY I’m afraid.. I just can’t :(

I’ve tried everything else for insomnia!! But I CAN’T take these pills.
Any advice?

Chosen Answer:

I have insomnia too i also take sleeping pills i understand u don’t want to them u can try to yoga warm or warm milk
by: Danyale
on: 28th June 13

Insomnia: What does it do to you over time? besides the obvious.?

I have been suffering with Etreme weakness and Fatigue for about 3 weeks. I was tested for vitamin deficiencies, EKG, Catscan, thyroid ect . nothing came back unusual. They first said I had a virus but its been to long for it to just be a virus. So Now because I’m also not sleeping well they say Insomnia. I think Its a possibility.
Does insomnia cause weakness and Fatigue throughout the day even if you do get a good nights rest sometimes.

Chosen Answer:


by: tom_cruise9090 h
on: 15th July 10

Heavy insomnia that came out of the blue…HELP!?

I have been sleeping great till 3 days ago, when totally suddenly I began suffering from a really severe insomnia, where in the first night I barely slept 2 hours total, and last two nights almost NOT A SINGLE WINK! I never thought I will suffer a total insomnia…….did it ever happen to you in more than one night?

And I have no idea why this is happening. Like I said, it came suddenly. I had some bouts of insomnia before, but this severe……not.

So far nothing helps out of natural remedies….

I am also worried that this is a sporadic fatal insomnia that I am experiencing (as nobody in my family is suffering from fatal familial insomnia), and that I will die from it…

What do you think?

Chosen Answer:

You want to try smoking an Indica dominant strain of marijuana. That will put you to sleep.

Also try drowsy inducing medicines like NyQuil.

Don’t worry about dying from insomnia, not likely to happen.
by: DMFG
on: 17th December 10

Does anyone know some good sites about Insomnia?

I bookmarked http://insomnia-relief-center.com because it has great tips and articles. Any others?

Chosen Answer:

Please see the web pages for more details on Insomnia.
by: gangadharan nair
on: 20th February 08

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